We often vary the routes, but these are a few of our favorites.

Laura's Favorite

Running Route Los Altos Hills
  • 4.95 miles
  • 332 ft Elevation Gain

Sometimes we run "The Reverse Laura" and start out on Burke to Robleda.

These segments are often incorporated into the routes and referred to by nicknames

Dori Path/ O'Keefe Lane

Running Route Dori Path
  • Connects Robleda and Purissima to El Monte
  • Beware the chain at the end of the path on the O'Keefe side

Pinewood Path

Running Segement behind Pinewood High School
  • Pathway behind Pinewood School
  • Great for adding a little extra

Templeton Path

Running Segment between Fremont and Robleda
  • aka "That guy's driveway"
  • Common variation to get to Robleda from Fremont

Vera's Loop

running segment Miranda Los Altos Hills
  • Connects to Esther Clark Park & "Spider" Path
  • Great addition for extra mileage
  • The hill the "other" direction is steeper!

Esther Clark Park

Esther Clark Park path
  • Connects to Vera's Loop & "Spider" Path
  • Great addition for extra mileage

"Spider" Path

Hedge Pathway
  • Hedge pathway with frequent spider webs across the shrubs
  • Who's going first?

Gunn Path

Route past graveyard, through Gunn HS and Bol Park
  • "Graveyard" path connecting Los Altos and Palo Alto to the Gunn High School and Bol Park paths
  • Run past the famous donkeys in Bol Park
  • Gateway to Stanford for long run days

Packard Pathway

Packard Pathway running segement
  • Turn left at the top of Packard Pathway onto Taaffe Rd, cross the street to the "Love Shack" path by the fire hydrant
  • Take a right at the fork to pass the "Love Shack"
  • Left at the fork will take you to Black Mountain Rd (not highlighted)
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