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Scavenger Hunt #2
May 24-31, 2020

Back by popular demand!! It's time for another Scavenger hunt. Read below for more details.

Los Altos Hills Pathways Challenge
June 1 - Aug 31, 2020

Can you run all of the Los Altos Hills Pathways this summer?
There are two challenges.

  • Run ALL of the Pathways - road-side and off-road - roughly 100 miles
  • Run all of the OFF-ROAD Pathways segements - roughly 100 segments

Los Altos Hills to the Sea Marathon

Run from Los Altos Hills to Half Moon Bay.
Check out the route on the Los Altos Hills Recreational Trail Loops website.

Fall 2020

Scavenger Hunt #2
May 24-31, 2020

Scavenger Hunt #2 List

download the list

We have photos that tie to the numbered items where there is a specific item to find. We will try to make sure that all items within our control can be found on the routes next week. But we can’t do anything to help you with the items we can’t control. For #12 – creative mailboxes – look for a cool mailbox that is painted with flowers or shaped like a chicken or something like that. There are actually quite a few around. There will be a prize for the winner.

Mystery Run!
May 16-17, 2020

Starts behind ARM.
Look for QR codes, scan, and follow the clues to run the weekend route. There are 6 mile and 10 mile options.

Mini Destination Run
May 23-24, 2020

We're running to Arastradero Preserve!
Both routes start at Purissima Park in LAH.

Congratulations Hassler!

Congratulations Hassler

Virtual Vancouver Marathon

See photos from Hassler's virtual marathon

Scavenger Hunt
April 20-26

Scavenger Hunt List

Here are the rules:

  1. Here is the list of items. You can print it (download list), use an app that allows you to mark on it electronically or there will be a bunch of printed copies in an envelope taped to the back door of the store tomorrow morning. If all else fails, just write on a piece of paper!
  2. You must find the items between Monday April 20th and Sunday April 26th. All of these items are on our normal running routes.
  3. There are pictures when I want you to find something specific (i.e. the Blue Statue) and for other things they are more general.
  4. If an items has several boxes after it (i.e. white Teslas) – that is how many you can find and get points for.
  5. You must find these things while out for a run (or if you’re injured a walk or a run/walk).
  6. You get an extra point if you can find the typo.
  7. You can buy clues for 3 points each which you must subtract from your total.
  8. This is the honor system people so keep track and send me (Allison) your tally next Sunday by 5 p.m. THERE IS A PRIZE and if there is a tie we’ll do a random drawing from those getting the most points.
  9. Have fun and no hiding things so others can’t find them.

What wisdom do you have for new marathon and half-marathon runners?

My advice is to realize you are already a winner. Anyone who has done the training and makes it excited and healthy to the starting line should feel like a champion and be proud of all they put into the journey. Marathon day and time doesn’t define you-it’s what you learned and the fun and laughs along the way that are the real prize!

Don't go out too fast!

  1. Have fun
  2. Have fun
  3. Have fun
  4. Smile when it hurts (it is going to hurt) and remember pain is temporary but social media photos are forever :)

In all seriousness, hydrate well and keep up with fueling before you hit the wall.

This is *the* ultimate guide to running a marathon.

If you’ve put in the training you have already accomplished something amazing.

  • it’s painfully hard, but start out slower than your body wants to go
  • stick with your nutrition plan and don’t try anything new
  • don’t change anything up (gear/ nutrition timing/ running pattern, etc) on race day

Below are a few things that I had learned along the way- of course, for some I have learned a hard way :)

  • check out the course in advance and be familiar with the elevation so you can pace yourself and conserve energy. Knowing a hill is coming up or how long is the elevation prepare you mentally.
  • make a quick mental note on the # of water stations - this may impact when you wan to the GU and have access to water right away
  • cut those tone nails!!!!
  • no brand new shoes
  • no new running clothes (test them out first to avoid chaffing)
  • Left/Right/Repeat - can be boring - dedicate each mile to your loved ones - Next thing you know - you have a very "BIG" family :)

Most importantly - You have done the training! Race day - have FUN and remember that you are the SuperSTAR!! We will be cheering for YOU!!

Don’t take any shots of alcohol along the way. No matter how fun it sounds at the time. Lol

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